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Path of the Storm

Was your home in the path of the storm? Don't know if your home suffered damage? Call one of our friendly Peak Co Roofing Professionals today.
Path of the Storm
If your home is in the path of the storm, your insurance company knows that it is possible that you have sustained damage.  Often times homeowners are unaware of the damages their roof has incurred, because damages are not always visible from the ground. It our mission to inform everyone in the path of the storm that damages may have occurred.

Advances in storm tracking technology have provided the insurance and restoration industries with very accurate detailed storm path reports.  When a storm hits and causes catastrophic hail or wind damages, insurance companies examine these reports to estimate how much damage has occurred.

If your home has sustained damage and is in the path of the storm, Peak Co Roofing Professionals will extinguish all efforts in seeing that your claim is paid for full replacement cost benefits.  Insurance companies often use broad language to describe hail damage and coverage in your Policy Documents. In contrast, some insurance company's policies and procedures for hail damage assessment are very specific and stringent. For Peak Co Roofing Professionals, it is very simple:  if your property is in the path of the storm and shows visible signs of damage, then it is highly likely you are entitled to full replacement cost benefits for your claim.

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